EFFECTIVE August 15th, 2018 Standard Rates

30 & 50 Amp Sites, Water, Electric and Sewer

Party Size 1-2 3 4 5 6
Daily $29.95 $31.95 $33.95 $35.95 $37.95
Weekly $180.00 $192.00 $204.00 $216.00 $228.00
Monthly $495.00 + Electric $525.00 + Electric $555.00 + Electric $585.00 + Electric $615.00 + Electric

All Monthly Site Rental’s are Required to Pay a $100.00 Electric Deposit,

Electric usage is billed out at $.14 per Kilowatt Hour.





Millers’ Kampark is a family owned small Self Service RV site rental business. No services provided. The site rental fees are for the usage of the applicable site and our facilities are available to the registered guest only. Guests must register at the office

Sites: Are for registered guests only and are assigned at the time of registration in the office.  Don’t block or park in another site without checking with the office first.  If the office is closed when you arrive, please pick a spot and use our self-registration and pay per the instructions outside the office. Unauthorized site usage is subject to disconnection and towing at the owners expense. Site rentals are contingent upon prior reservations. Should a site be reserved, RV’er agrees to relocate.

Payment: We accept MasterCard, Visa & Discover credit cards, approved personal checks and cash. When paying by credit card, you authorize Miller’s Kampark to charge your credit card for incidental fees, such as damages to the premises, cleaning fees and forfeiture of deposits for no shows. Site rental renewals may be charged to your credit card at our discretion. We do not offer cash refunds, we can only offer credit vouchers for unused RV site rentals for future usage, subject to reservation terms.

Check out time: is 11.00am. Should you decide to stay longer (subject to availability, prior reservations have priority) please notify the office when it is open and bring all receipts. The grace period for vacating the sites after check out it 1 hour. After the grace period has expired your unit is subject to a late checkout fee of half a day’s rental rate and or disconnection and or towing without recourse against Millers Kampark, its employees and owners for actual or consequential damages.

Pets: Pets must be on a leash, attended at all times, and must be cleaned up after. Walk pets on the road accessing the park or in green spaces and all pet residues must be removed immediately. Pets may not be left outside your camper unattended. Pets found to be a nuisance will be required to be kept inside your camper and if nuisance persist, you will be asked to leave the park.

Quiet Time: Is 10.00pm to 7.00am. No loud noises or radios, please do not run generators at anytime, consider others.

Laws: RV’er must obey all laws and not cause nuisance. Loud noises, radios, fireworks, or open fires and not permitted. If City, County, or State Laws are not abided by you will be instructed to leave our premises and forfeit any unused site rental.

Children: Must be declared at the time of registration and supervised at all times and are not allowed in the pool unsupervised.

Trash: Sites are self-service and you must remove your trash and deposit it in our premises dumpster located by the pool. When you leave your site, you must leave it clean for the next occupant. No services are included in your registration. If your site requires cleaning an additional charge will apply to include all labor and disposal fees applicable, but not less than $25.00 to clean your site. This fee will be added to your registration and is due before leaving the premises.

Utilities: The sites are equipped with water and electricity. Sites have sewers, which you are authorized to discharge domestic biodegradable waste only. Blockages to our sewer system by non-acceptable camper waste will be charge to the RV site rental guest. Do not discharge of waste or grey water on the ground. Water connections are the responsibility of the RV’er. Connections should not leak or cause loss of water. Utilities are included in site rental fees; however reasonable conservation by the RV’er is required. In freezing conditions the RV’er is responsible for freeze protection of the pressurized water system. If a hydrant is damaged the RV’er agrees to pay professional repair cost and replacement of a hydrant is a minimum charge of $350.00. Miller’s Kampark will not be held liable loss of utility service beyond out control. Should utility service be lost for any reason, the RV’er will be provided a credit for future usage, when the utilities are restored, subject to normal reservation process, In any event our liability will be limited to the cost of one days site rental without liability for consequential or inconvenience damages. All persons staying on a Monthly basis are required to pay a $100.00 Electric deposit and Electric usage is billed out at $.14 per Kilowatt hour.

Limitations of Liability: RV’er agrees to inspect the RV site prior to occupancy. Once occupying the site, Miller’s Kampark shall not be held liable for utility, storm, tree, animal, acts of God and or any other damages, fire theft or vandalism, which may arise beyond our control. Miller’s Kampark is a self-service facility, use at your own risk